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Type Design Specimen


I learned a lot of lessons and knowledge while studying typography over the 5 semesters. Now it's time to create my own typefaces based on what I have learned. A lot of research and experiments were necessary before starting to create typefaces. 

I have to say that I am a huge fan of modern typefaces, I like Bodoni and Didot, so when I first got the assignment brief, the first idea that came out was to create a modern typeface. I was looking to build a unique, elegant and trendy brand that can look eyecatching. When I finalized the typefaces, I confirmed that they are perfect for branding, mastheads, logos, invitations, etc. They are usually suitable for titles or headlines. However, the usage of the heavy amount of body text(copy) is not recommendable because of their low readability in small sizes.


This is the mood board for inspiration. I set up the brand voice as modern, sophisticated, elegant, and feminine. At first, I was doodling, playing around with the strokes.

제목_없는_아트워크 11_edited.png
제목_없는_아트워크 10.png

Then, I  just got obsessed with this stroke shape, so I decided to move forward with this form. I experimented with the A letter with this stroke and tried to subtract and add circles and angles.

제목_없는_아트워크 8.png

Now they started to look like insects,,,,

제목_없는_아트워크 9.png
제목_없는_아트워크 2.jpg
제목_없는_아트워크 5.jpg

This is the first ideation that I sketched some of the capital letters. I didn't like the wavy horizontal strokes, because I found that it hinders readability. Therefore, I just changed them into plain thin strokes. 

제목_없는_아트워크 5.jpg
제목_없는_아트워크 15 copy.png

And Finally, these are the final sketches of my typefaces!

제목_없는_아트워크 15 copy.png
제목_없는_아트워크 17.png
제목_없는_아트워크 16.png
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